Your two documentation options...

Carburetta HTML Manual

Ideal to quickly look something up, or if you're an individual developer on a budget.

The HTML version of the manual describes all the details of how to operate Carburetta, but is perhaps not as comfortable to read in long form.

Carburetta Manual PDF e-book

If you'd like to fully understand Carburetta, it may be easier to read the manual cover to cover. For this the PDF version of the manual is ideal.

Buying the PDF version of the Carburetta manual additionally helps fund further development of both Carburetta and its documentation.

If the cost exceeds your budget, but you still want to master Carburetta and find the HTML copy insufficient, please send an email to and I'll send you the PDF manual, no questions asked.

As you'll understand, your successful evaluation, use, and adoption, of Carburetta, are more important to me than selling a single manual.

If you want to use Carburetta in a business context or want to help support further development of Carburetta, this is the option for you.